After School Programs (RISES)


We run twice-weekly, school-year, after-school tutoring programs for Hispanic students at Red Wing High and Red Wing’s Twin Bluff Middle School.

These involve:

  • Tutoring and homework help by community volunteers
  • Information on graduation requirements, college, post-secondary readiness
  • Personal and social skills development, and parental involvement.

Student’s testimonies

Hispanic Outreach has helped me so much throughout my high school year. We have tutors who know what they’re doing afterschool that help us with homework. I’m very thankful to them and I hope that this program continues to motivate people to do better in school.


The Hispanic Outreach tutoring program has helped me so much in the course of time that I’ve been there with going on yearly college visits like the U of M and River Falls. Going on the camp’s tour definitely gave me a good insight if I wanted to go or not. Also we get college presentations, for example South East Technical from our hometown came and presented and gave me the idea to start enrolling in PSEO and I’m in my second year in PSEO right now.


I was a very troubled kid at staying caught up with my homework and understanding subjects. After joining the program in 9th grade my grades went up and I started understanding things better. I’m on my first year of college now and I still get help with homework. I want to get a job, not just working in a factory, but a professional job. For anybody helping the program, you should think, you’re not just helping a program, but you’re helping people.