It is the mission of Hispanic Outreach to provide language and advocacy services to the Hispanic community, to assist Hispanic students in achieving academic success, and to facilitate and promote equal access to all existing community services for Hispanic residents by creating collaboration and partnerships with local organizations, agencies and institutions.


The Hispanic population in Goodhue County, MN has grown rapidly during the last decade. It was evident that the county needed programs and services that would target the needs of this growing population. That is why, in July of 2006 Hispanic Outreach was started under the auspices of Catholic Charities. A year later it became an independent organization with its fiscal agent as St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. As of January 2013, Hispanic Outreach has become entirely independent with 501 c 3 status and is dedicated to support the Hispanic community in Goodhue County. There is no other agency in Goodhue County that does the work we do.

Hispanic Outreach 10 Year Report